Monday, August 4, 2014

A view from the sidelines Part Deux

Well yeah...I got injured again...and yeah was out of action for a few weeks...again!! Not that my normal day is like a day in the life of an undercover spy or that the company I keep is's just some freaky fall I had that broke one of my fingers. I know you must be he is getting old...should settle down now....shouldn't try to be too adventurous and blah..blah...blah. Well not that I am getting younger by the day but its definitely not the time for hang my boots...No way!!

So here's what I have to say about ageing and getting old....who bloody cares as long as you're enjoying what you do with your life. Now that's important. Every time I get injured and get relegated to a constrained life, I feel doubly motivated to bounce back and become even more fit and active. I do believe that one should always, and yes I mean always, do anything and everything that is in our control to be in a physical and mental state of well being. Coz that's the only way you can continue to contribute to making your and their lives simpler and happier. Staying fit and healthy is an important means to that end and not many of us realize this.

Leave aside my love for sports, my guiding fitness mantra is that I should be as fit as required for me to do my job well, enable me to take care of my family well and over and above all this, leaves me with enough energy, motivation and enthusiasm to "want" to do more and better. That's what makes me get up faster and stronger from whichever "down" I have been into. I think this is a perspective that lacks in most of us when it comes to fitness and that's why we give up easily to the vagaries of our lives. Then we get into a mode of justifying "why" we can't do something and then finally self-proclaiming that "it's not my thing". So who's stopping you from finding your own thing? It could be walking, running, aerobics, dance, swimming or anything for that matter. Just go and find your thing and as Nike puts it beautifully "Just do it". You can't change the genetics but you can for sure make your every second of life count.

Sports gave me this perspective and that's why I love it so much and promote it in whichever small ways I can. First and foremost, by continuing to play myself. That said, it works for me doesn't mean that it will work for you. 

So what you waiting for? Get your sorry a*# up....find your own mantra and believe me, you will never be short on motivation again.
Stay fit.....Stay happy

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